By maintaining and preserving our neighborhood, we’re helping improve our residents’ lives. Elected by residents themselves, our quality community leaders help guarantee everyone’s well being. Hampton Village Estates is also fully transparent, and our residents have a say in all major decisions. We’re enhancing community living, one resident at a time.

Common Place Rules:

  1. Obey the speed limit - Watch for children playing.

  2. Do not park vehicles on the sidewalk, street or lawn.

  3. Keep lawns neat and cut.

  4. Keep flowerbeds maintained and free from weeds.

  5. Sweep and pick up grass clippings and debris from sidewalks, curbs and streets.

  6. Repair/replace fences that are obviously in need of improvement (i.e. broken boards, falling and sagging fence lines and rotten areas).

  7. Only approved mailboxes may be erected in Hampton Village. (Mailboxes must be maintained - painted flat black, use brass numbers only and working doors)

  8. No structure my be erected on any lot without prior approval from the Architectural Control Committee. 

  9. Pay Dues: Dues pay for common space maintenance such as utilities (gas, electric and water), lawn care (flower beds, arborist and grass cutting) and signage (cleaning and decorating.)

Watch Your Speed
Man Mowing Lawn